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Wildfires Close to Home PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wes Wilkins   












Here in Arizona, we are all too familiar with the danger of wildfires. Unfortunately, the General Store located at the top of Mount Lemmon, along with the community of Summerhaven, was almost pushed into extinction ten years ago after the Aspen Wildfire.

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Potter Ranch PDF Print E-mail
Written by Carollann Scott   


Mel Potter has been in the business of being a cowboy for over sixty years. He has been a competitor and a stock contractor among other positions. He now lives in Marana but says he got his start in Tucson.

“I kind of just went to the Tucson Rodeo, thought that looked kind of fun to do, and just started doing it. I picked up a bad habit,” Potter said.



Tucson elementary school awarded greenest school on the planet PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sariah Schroader   
One local elementary school has become an international leader in environment ecology. The Center for Green schools awarded Manzo Elementary "The greenest school on the planet."

With more than seven gardens and habitats, this local Tucson school is receiving international attention

.Manzo garden


Protect yourself from the flu PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sariah Schroader   
Temperatures have dropped here in Tucson. That means two things, sweaters and the flu.

 Last flu season Arizona had around 11,000 reported cases of the influenza virus. Four were fatal.

The flu season can last anywhere from early November through March. Health officials say it is important to protect yourself early.

flu shot



Safer Arizona wants to legalize marijuana PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sariah Schroader   
One Arizona group is working to put the legalization of marijuana on the next voting ballet.

Safer Arizona is a local marijuana advocacy group with branches in Tucson and Phoenix and they want to legalize recreational marijuana.

They main point of argument is that weed is safer than alcohol.

"Cannabis, it's been used by man for tens of thousands of years without any recorded deaths due to over does," says Safer Arizona representative Robert Clark.

Clark says that the plant can be used for many different beneficial reasons including food and medication. While Clark knows a majority of the population want to use marijuana to get high, he says that's not the usage Safer Arizona is after.



Running and Winning: More women in politics PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sariah Schroader   

Women make up 51 percent of the United States population, but over the past few years they have held only 18 percent of federal elected offices.

The League of Women Voters of Greater Tucson have been putting on the Running and Winning workshop at local high schools for eleven years with the hope of getting more young girls interested in politics. This year the league went to Tucson High Magnet School.

Co-chair and organizer of the Running and Winning workshop, Shirley Sandelands, says that having more women in government can help bring new ideas to political issues.


Lack of Jobs for College Grads PDF Print E-mail
Written by Wes Wilkins   

College Graduation

For most students, college graduation brings a sense of relief, accomplishment and enjoyment. But what happens after graduation when the real world begins to apply its chokehold on these new graduates?

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Nearly 100 local kids adopted in national celebration PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jackie Kent   

10-year-old Benjamin gets adopted at Udall Park on National Adoption Day

Most of the cases in Pima County Juvenile Court involve Child Protective Services, dealing with children who no longer have homes.

But court judges spent a Saturday at a local park to formally welcome nearly 100 children into their new families.

Ten-year-old Benjamin has spent the last two years in foster care. But on a clear Saturday morning at Udall Park, he’ll finally have a new family.

“I’m getting adopted!” he said.


Abandoned Horses Find New Homes PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sherilyn De Leon   

There are three primary reasons why horses become abandoned; changes in an owner's living situation, the horse becomes too old or injured, or the horse is unmanageable.

With no one to take care of them, abandoned horses starve to death, get hit by cars, or sent to processing plants.

Hoofprints of the Heart, a local horse rescue, has made it their mission to save as many horses as they can.


Pool safety a top Tucson priority year-round PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jackie Kent   

Summer is long over, but that’s not stopping many from taking a splash in pools across Tucson.

The city is taking extra measures to ensure water safety all year long.

Billy Sassi, the aquatics programs manager with Tucson Parks and Recreation, said water danger never takes a break.

“The days are still warm. That water is still attractive to a lot of people,” he said.

In all of Pima County, there have been 22 water-related incidents this year.



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